A $1000 Internet Marketing Scholarship

We are one of the top websites offering the latest releases of hoverboards and other products that are unique in the market. Our site assists different customers to be conversant with the new products that have advanced with the recent technology. Most of our reviews are useful to our visitors as they contribute to making final decisions about purchasing a product.

Check our website for more information on the latest gadgets and other products that are trending in the market. We have a new scholarship program related to Internet marketing. We expect to have a higher turn up of people who are interested in online marketing.

Scholarship Criteria

The program is directed at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who have great passion in the field related go our scholarship program. If your area of study relates to IT, Business, Communication or Marketing, you can apply.

However, it is not necessary to be an expert in this area as we major on applicants who show great passion for online marketing. There are different eligibility criteria we can use to analyze your capability for the scholarship program. We are always interested in active participation and efforts that are productive in our market ventures. All the information we offer our visitors are usually valid and entails extensive market research.

You have to be aware of the current trends of the market and everything that relates to internet marketing. Most of our focus on the scholarship program lies on creativity and knowledge in the field of online marketing. There is an award of $1000 at the end of the program and for students or participants show a motivated approach towards the primary field of the scholarship program.

Please send your articles to katewilson@hoverboard.fyi before 30th of December 2017.