Best Self-Balancing Scooter and Hoverboard Reviews

Self-balancing scooters and hoverboards have been used widely in the recent years due to advanced technology. They are portable and are often powered by electricity contained in the rechargeable batteries. Most of these hoverboards have unique patterns and colors which offer a variety of choices to users. They are also designed differently to suit the needs of the users.

There are hoverboards with foot steering controls. They always use an individual’s weight and regulation of the foot to navigate. The foot steering controls always depend on the inclination of your weight on either side to determine the direction of the hoverboard.

Others have knee pads which offer great support and ease of control. They are often expensive compared to the other brands because of their unique features. Some hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers which allow you to listen to music while cruising. They come in different speeds, and their prices would always vary depending on the manufacturer.

The hoverboards are suitable for the various categories of users depending on the features and ease of control. We have combined for you a list of the best hoverboards based on their unique characteristics and high performance. They are all approved to be efficient and provide comfortability to its users.

Best Hoverboards 2017

PictureHoverboard NameMax SpeedBattery LifeBluetoothMax load
The Jetson Rover 810 mph3 HoursYes231
Skque Electric Hoverboards6.2 mph3.5 HoursOptional264
Hoverzon S8 mph4 HoursNo220
Jeston V810 mph2 HoursYes300
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard8 mph1 HoursNo200
Swagtron T38 mph3 HoursYes220
Daily Saw 6.5 Inch hoverboard10.5 mph5 HoursOptional265
PowerBoard Scooter6.5 mph6 HoursNo220
Segway miniPRO10 mph3 HoursYes200
Swagtron T18 mph3 HoursNo220

1. The Jetson Rover 8

The Jetson Rover 8

Jetson Rover 8 is one of the best hoverboards that can be ridden in different terrains. It has been modified from the original model with powerful dual motors. This hoverboard has 8.5 inches inflatable tires and has a unique design depicted by the non-slip foot platform with a stylish finish. Jetson Rover 8 improves your cruising experience by delivering the best performance.

It costs around $599.99 and can be found on Amazon. It is faster and has three-speed modes. It can be adjusted depending on the beginner, intermediate or the pro level.

231 lbs maximum weight capacity, 1-1.5 hours charging capacity, 10 mph top speed, 1-1.5 hrs. Charging time, ipx4 water resistant and 8.5 inches tires for all terrains. It also 400 watts dual motors with individual Gyro technology, 3 hours battery life for a single charge, app remote control, LED head and rear lights, Bluetooth, and 20 lbs hoverboard weight.
Pros Cons
  • It has unique tires which allow you to cruise at any terrain
  • It has a shorter charging time and an extended battery life
  • It is suitable for users at the expert level who like the top speed
  • It is UL 2272 certified which ensures its safety
  • It is comfortable and allows smooth drifts along corners
  • The LED lights are useful at night which allows you to cruise safely.
  • It is expensive and goes out of the range most buyers are willing to offer.

2. Skque Electric Hoverboards

Skque Electric Hoverboards

It is among the different hoverboards that come with unique arrangements and pattern. It allows for easier drifts around a corner or in tight places. The self-balancing scooter offers great comfortability and allows for more accessible controls. The Skque comes in different varieties and colors depending on the user’s preferences. The 10-inch Freestyle hoverboard comes with a Bluetooth speaker and costs around $469.99.

There are also other varieties of the Skque models such as The Edge which is 6 inches wide; The Arrival model measures 10 inches and The Original models which are also fashionable. All these models provide excellent stability and comfortability which allows users to gain a new experience while cruising. The Freestyle model has more advanced features and has several patterns with a great finish.

10 inches, 44000 mAh batteries, Bluetooth speaker, free remote, 6.2 mph top speed, 500 Watts electric motor, LED lights, stronger chassis, 3.5 hours battery life till the next charge, fire resistant casing and improved motherboard. It also features 264 lbs maximum weight capacity, 1-2 hours charging time and 31 lbs hoverboard weight.
Pros Cons
  • The freestyle Skque model has a wide chassis which offers excellent stability.
  • It ensures the safety of the user because it is approved in the UL 2272 listings
  • It has a unique design with a stylish finish and a variety of colors where you can choose your favorite.
  • It has an extended battery life which allows you to have enough fun for the next charge.
  • The wireless remote enhances the ease of control which allows you to switch on and off the hoverboard without getting off.
  • It is heavier compared to other models.
  • It is expensive and may reduce the willingness to buy due to affordability.

3. Hoverzon S

Hoverzon S

Hoverzon S hoverboard is among the best hoverboards that are powered by electricity with a self-balancing technology. It will improve your cruising experience as it offers a smooth drift around corners. It also has a one year warranty and comes with an AC charging adapter and a user manual. The variety of colors provides you with your personal preferences.

The fact that it has practice mode and standard mode allows you to be conversant with the hoverboard. It also allows you to practice cruising at different speeds. It costs around $399.00 on Amazon which provides free shipping and a fast delivery depending on your location.

220 lbs maximum weight capacity, 250 watts upgraded motor, 8 mph top speed, covers up to 11-mile range, self-balancing, LED battery indicator, 4 hours battery life, two riding modes, non-slip foot platform, Sleek aluminum wheels and LED headlights.
Pros Cons
  • It provides your safety and comfortability as certified in the UL 2272 listings
  • It comes in different colors
  • Provides gear stabilization at higher speeds
  • A dynamic equilibrium achieves Self-balancing
  • It has a unique design and a stylish finish with the Hoverzon logo
  • It is durable and capable of supporting the recommended weight.
  • It uses foot steering instead of the app remote control which needs enough practice if you are a beginner.
  • It may be costly to purchase because of the high price.

4. Jeston V8

Jeston V8

Jeston V6 is one of the best choices for beginners and comes with suitable features for its users. It is manufactured by a reputable company known as Target having received all the UL 2272 Certifications. It has a high speed compared to other brands with an extended battery life that allows for longer mile coverage.

It has several unique qualities that have made it one of the coolest hoverboards in the rankings. The app remote monitor has made it easier to control and allowed you to check the battery level and speed of the hoverboard.

10 mph top speed, durable and rechargeable battery, Covers up to a 15-mile range with a single charge and Bluetooth 4.0 speakers. It also has 350 watts motors, 8 inches wheels; Customizable LED lights, App Remote control, 2 hours charging time, UL 2272 Certified, increased sensitivity 300 lbs maximum weight capacity, 22 lbs hoverboard weight.
Pros Cons
  • It has been approved in the UL 2272 listings which make it safe for users
  • It provides comfortability and does not overheat unlike other brands of hoverboards
  • The LED lights can be customized using the mobile app
  • The app remote control makes it easier to operate the Hoverboard
  • The Bluetooth 4.0 speakers allows you to add some music to your ride
  • No assembly is required
  • It is suitable for beginners because of the regulated features
  • It has a unique design and comes in a variety of colors which adds a stylish finish.
  • It may be expensive and thus reduces the willingness and ability to buy.

5. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax is considered to be one of the smartest hoverboards and comes with a unique design. The superior technology provides a better self-balancing experience. It is among the original brands that were certified under the UL 2272 listing which means that it provides safety to the users.

It can be used by a broad age group starting from 8 years old. It costs around $348 on Amazon which is known to provide free and fast delivery. The Razor Hovertrax has several features that enhance its effectiveness in delivering the desired performance.

8mph top speed, 200 lbs maximum weight capacity, Auto self-balancing, 1-hour battery life for a single charge, Blue LED Light Bar, Anti-slip rubber and a Foot controlled steering. It also has a Shatter-resistant polymer frame, bumper protection, Normal mode and Training mode, Rubber tires having aluminum hubs, 36 Volts Lithium-Ion battery, dual 135-watt cruising power, 350-watt peak power hub motors having a Gyro Sensor technology.
Pros Cons
  • It is suitable for both children and adults
  • It comes in a variety of colors that gives you options of selecting your favorite
  • No assembly is required
  • The Anti-slip rubber on the foot platform reduces chances of accidents
  • It has auto self-balancing which provides excellent stability
  • It provides safety to the user as it is UL 2272 Certified and provides comfortability.
  • It does not have a remote control
  • It has a short battery life on a single charge compared to other models
  • The speed is relatively lower than other brands of hoverboards.

6. SwagTron T3

SwagTron T3

The SwagTron Company has been active in improving their products. SwagTron T3 is also considered among their best collections being an upgrade of the T1. There are unique qualities which show a slight distinction with the previous model.

It is UL 2272 Certified and fully loaded with additional features that you will find marvelous. SwagTron T3 costs around $459.17 on Amazon which provides free shipping depending on the buyer’s location. It has a unique design with a variety of colors that give it a stylish finish.

Bluetooth speakers, Dual 300 Watt motors, 8mph maximum speed, 220 lbs maximum weight, 11-mile range and LED turn signals. It also has three riding modes, App remote control for IOS and Android versions, battery indicators with five levels, rubber tires, and 3 hours battery life for a single charge, aluminum wheels, built-in carrying strap and non-slip foot pads.
Pros Cons
  • The SwagTron Bluetooth app allows for easier controls as it allows you to check the battery life or change the riding modes.
  • It has non-slip foot pads which provide a secure grip reducing chances of accidents
  • It gives an assurance of safety the fact that it is UL 2272 Certified.
  • The Bluetooth speakers enhance your experience by allowing you to listen to music on your ride.
  • It does not have greater dangers but may be expensive to buy
  • It has a lower speed compared to other brands of hoverboards.

7. Daily Saw 6.5 Inch hoverboard

Daily Saw 6.5 Inch hoverboard

It is one of the fastest hoverboards that is manufactured by Street Saw Company. It has a stylish finish making it appealing to the users. It also comes in several colors that you can choose from depending on your preferences. It delivers the best performance and is also best for those who love high speeds.

Daily Saw hoverboard comes with a 90-day money back guarantee that offers buyers’ protection. It has exceptional features which make it sturdy and safe having been certified. It costs around $359.99 and provides free shipping according to where you are located.

Dual LED Lights, has a strong rechargeable Samsung/LG battery, 6.5-inch wheels, 265 lbs maximum weight capacity, protective bumpers, Classic Hoverboard design, 10.5 mph top speed, 44,000 mAh battery power with 5 hours of single charge, high range of 12.5 miles and 25 pounds in weight.
Pros Cons
  • The dual LED lights enhance your vision on the nearby motorists or pedestrians from a far distance
  • It has a top speed of 10.5 which is suitable for those who like high speeds
  • It is comfortable and safe having been certified
  • Has an extended battery life of up to 6 hours on a single full charge
  • It has been designed to deliver the best performance
  • Comes with a 90-year money back guarantee which offers a cover to the buyers in case of technical problems.
  • It is expensive which reduces the willingness to buy.
  • It needs you to be careful at high speeds unless you are an expert.

8. PowerBoard Scooter

PowerBoard Scooter

The PowerBoard features among the best self-balancing scooters you can choose. It has been certified which guarantees its safety to users. It does not have any chances of overheating and delivers the best performance. It allows for easier drifting around corners and offers you an excellent balance and comfort ability.

It costs around $349.99 on Amazon and can be purchased by use of credit cards and other forms of online payment. It also comes in a variety of colors that allows you to pick your favorite. Free and fast delivery is guaranteed depending on the location of the buyer.

6.5 mph top speed, smooth and straightforward acceleration, one year warranty, 26 pounds in weight, 220 lbs maximum weight, 6-hour battery life after a single charge, wide panel foot with an anti-slip matting, a longer lasting outer casing.
Pros Cons
  • It is made in the USA and ensures a fast delivery according to your location
  • It is safer compared to other models the fact that it is UL Certified
  • It comes with a one year guarantee
  • It allows you to drift the corner with ease due to the smooth and straightforward acceleration
  • You can incline from either side to be conversant with the high speeds
  • It is easy to ride and is very enjoyable
  • It comes in different colors such as blue, red, black and white.
  • Powerboard by Hoverboard suffers from imitation by other companies that manufacture fake products. It is advisable to purchase from the recommended online retailers.
  • It has a slower speed compared to other hoverboards.

9. Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO

The Segway miniPRO comes with a unique design having a mobile app control with a self-balancing transporter. Segway is a reputable manufacturer known to produce quality products. The miniPRO is among their best collection and fulfills the desires of its users. It comes in a variety of colors which allows you choose your favorite.

Segway Company has created a stronger hardware, having the best software with features that provide the safety of users. It costs around $600 and can be purchased from the website using online forms of payment. It has also undergone a series of tests to prove its effectiveness and safety of users.

Bluetooth connected to IOS 7.0 and Android 4.3 and above, light weight, 2 feet high, weighs 28 pounds, 200 lbs maximum weight, 10 mph speed, 10.5 inches inflated tires, 3 hours Rechargeable lithium ion battery, app remote control, magnesium alloy frame with longer lasting capabilities.
Pros Cons
  • It can be used by a wide range of age groups.
  • The mobile app allows for controlling the miniPRO remotely.
  • The padded knee bar offers great comfort and easier steering compared to the other brands of hover board.
  • It is UL Certified and enhances the comfortability and your safety while using the hoverboard.
  • It covers up to 14 miles after a full charge and is powered by a dual motor engine.
  • It has a higher price tag which reduces the willingness of the buyer to make a purchase
  • It is recommended for people at the age of 16 to 60 and thus not appropriate for kids.

10. SwagTron T1

SwagTron T1

SwagTron T1 is the best in the rankings which set the pace for all other hover boards. It is advancement from the original Swagway with more exciting features. The manufacturers have ensured the safety of all users by improving the primary character of the product. It has brought a new experience with the incorporation of software and hardware systems.

It costs around $350 and comes in a variety of colors. Several tests have been performed on SwagTron T1 to ensure it delivers the best performance. They include Vibration test, Isolation resistance test, water exposed test, Thermal cycling test and many others.

220 lbs (100 kg) maximum weight limit, 44Lbs (20 kg) minimum weight limit, 2 to 8 mph, ranges from 7 to 12 miles, 3 hours rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, 1 hour charging time, learning mode, Aluminum Wheels, Rubber Tires and Hard ABS outer casing.
Pros Cons
  • It has a high speed of up to 8 mph with a range of 12 miles.
  • Newbie can use it because of the learning mode
  • Once full, the Lithium-ion battery can last up to three hours which gives you enough time to have fun before the next charge.
  • It provides security and satisfaction the fact that it is UL Certified
  • It has a unique design with a bright LED lights and has several colors.
  • It is expensive and thus may go out of the range buyers can afford.


Most of the best self-balancing scooters and hoverboards have been designed with the aim of ensuring comfortability and ease of control. Most of these brands have been refurbished from the original models which are distinctive from the additional features. While selecting the hoverboards, always pick the ones recommended for the terrain you want to ride in. The Jetson V8 proves to be among the best in covering different kinds of terrains.

Others would prefer the top speed hoverboards which are best for the expert level. They can be mastered quickly and would require patience at the first time. Beginners should always start with the practice mode or lower speeds to be conversant with the hoverboard. Some would be efficient in storing enough energy after a single charge.

The Powerboard Scooter and Daily Saw hoverboard have an extended battery life. They have provided a great experience, and most users would always go for the best hoverboards as they advance in their cruising skills. Protection Status